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Transferring a Domain Name to 1st Domains
Answer :
Transferring your domain name to 1st Domains is free and includes all our great features.

You can initiate the transfer using the transfer page here:

The Auth Code is required for each domain name to confirm and authorise the transfer.
Your current Registrar would have emailed the Auth Code to the Registrant contact after registration. If you cannot locate the Auth Code for your domain name, your current Registrar must provide this to the Registrant contact upon request, normally by email.

.nz Auth Code is usually referred to as the UDAI or Unique Domain Authentication ID.
.com .biz .net .org .info or gTLD domains Auth Code can be referred to as an EPP code.

After your .nz domain name is transferred, it will become active within 24 hours after the next .nz zone build that occur daily on the hour, every hour.

Restrictions for transfers of .nz domain names

Domain name must be over 5 days old (Not in 5 day grace period)

If a domain name is due for renewal within 75 days, you will be required to renew your domain name with 1st Domains at the time of transfer.

Restrictions for transfers of non .nz domain names e.g .com

Domain name must be over 60 days old (Not in 60 day grace period)

A minimum of 1 year renewal is required for all transfers of gTLDs such as .com, .org, .info etc. This year is added onto your existing term. Example: You currently have 6 months remaining on your registration. Transferring to 1st Domains will result in a 1 year renewal leaving 18 months remaining on your registration term.

gTLD transfer process can take upto 5 - 10 days to complete

You can initiate the transfer using the transfer page here:

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