Question :
Are SSL certificates supported under web hosting?
Answer :
Our No Limits Web Hosting includes the ability to secure your website with a free SSL certificate thanks to Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt is a free certificate authority, securing more than 300 million websites.

If you have a website, you’re probably familiar with the HTTP part of a URL, you may not be familiar with HTTPS. The added ‘s’ stands for secure. HTTPS gives your website added security and privacy. As more websites move to HTTPS over time, more of your visitors will expect your site to use it too.

The benefits of using HTTPS:

Trust in your website – The public recognise that a website with a green padlock is more trustworthy than one without it and signals to potential customers that you take their privacy seriously.

Limit browser warnings – many popular browsers like Chrome, now show browser warnings to visitors that the website is not secure if the website isn’t using HTTPS.

Improved security – a secure certificate and running your website over HTTPS encrypts any data sent between you and the visitor. This stops an attacker from intercepting information travelling between your visitor and the web server.

Better search ranking – search engines include the use of HTTPS as a factor when they’re ranking your website in search results. This means using a secure certificate gives you a boost in search results over similar sites that don’t.

How to implement your free secure SSL certificate:

If you already have our No Limits Web Hosting plan, then you just need to login to 1st Domains and access your web hosting control panel to enable the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Here’s a knowledge base article to guide you through the steps: How do I implement the free secure SSL certificate?

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