Question :
How do I set-up Email Forwarding?
Answer :
Firstly, login to the Account Manager and select 'Manage Domains & Services'

Next select the domain name you wish to manage.

You can enable as many email forwarders as you need (within reason) under the 'Manage Email Forwarders' link of the Domain Manager.

Email forwarding allows you to configure specific address at your domain name to forward to an existing email account that you already check.

e.g. redirects to

Setting E-Mail Forwarding

Click 'Add Forwarder' and then enter the email address you wish to forward into the Email Address box e.g

Then enter the destination address into the 'Forwarding Address' and click update.

Deleting an Email Forwarder

To delete an email forwarder, click the check box next to the email forwarder you wish to remove and click 'Remove Selected'.

Can't Find The Manage Email Forwarders Link?

If you wish to use our services you will need to park your domain name with 1st Domains. NOTE: Parking your domain name will transfer the DNS for your domain name to 1st Domains and may effect services you had set-up with your previous host.

Parking your domain name

1) Login to the Account Manager and select 'Manage Domains & Services'
2) Select the domain name you wish to manage from the list
3) Click on 'Park Domain Name'
4) Turn the parking status slider to 'On' and approve the confirmation message.
5) You can now return to the domain manager, and configure your email services under the 'Manage Email Forwarders' link.

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