Question :
Do I need a Domain Name?
Answer :
Mostly people get a domain name because they want to establish a presence on the Internet. This is often a 'branding' issue in business -- most Registrants want to use the company name as part of their e-mail or web site address, rather than the name of their ISP.

A domain name gives you a 'portable' identity on the Internet; it means if you change your ISP you keep the same e-mail address identifier so you don't have to change the company stationery or call your friends to let them know your new address or redirect e-mail for example.

For businesses, there are many benefits to having a presence on the Internet. As a means of reaching people with common interests or to promote your product or service, the Internet is probably unequalled as a marketing tool.

For interest groups, it presents an opportunity to swap and share information, make new contacts and exchange ideas.

The power of holding a domain name is only harnessed when used in conjunction with other Internet services, such as e-mail or a website. If you have no need to link your name to an Internet application, then you may simply need only park or secure a domain name for future use.

For further information, the Domain Name Commission and InternetNZ have published a booklet to help new Registrants, titled 'Making a name for yourself' Download it here:

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