Question :
How do I change the default auto-renew setting during checkout
Answer :
By default the auto-renew setting will be enabled for all domain name registrations, transfers and renewals. The auto-renew toggle will be ON/GREEN during checkout on the payment page.

You can disable the default auto-renew setting by following the directions below:

Enable / disable auto-renew for your entire account

You can enable or disable the auto-renew setting by default for all new registrations, transfers and renewals, and apply to all existing domain names and services under your account.

1) Login to the Account Manager
2) Under Pricing & Payment information section click 'Manage Auto-Renew'
3) There are two preference settings that can apply to your account. See below:

Enable auto-renew for NEW registrations, renewals and transfers
This will automatically set the default status of the auto renew toggle in the checkout pages to enabled/disabled for new registrations, renewals and transfers.

Enable auto-renew now for ALL EXISTING domain names and services under my account
This will turn on the auto-renew setting for all existing domain names and services under your account.

4) Select the tick boxes next to your desired preferences and click Update

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