Question :
Searching for a Domain Name
Answer :
Using our search tool on the main home or on the register page, you can check the availability of the domain names you wish to register.

Enter the domain name you wish to search for, or simply enter a name and then click the required extensions.

e.g '' , or 'mydomain' selecting the extensions you require.

A Domain Name can use only letters, numbers, or dash ("-"). The Domain Name can be up to 63 characters long.

After clicking search, our web site will return all the available, highlighted with the green background and unavailable domain names. Tick the domain names you wish to register and proceed to the next page. If a domain name is marked unavailable, you can check the current registrant details by clicking on the 'WHOIS' link.

If you need to register or search for multiple domain names at once, try our bulk registration and search feature.

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